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Published: August 11th
ISBN:         978-1-922644-61-9
Imprint:     Ocean Reeve Publishing
Format:     Paperback
Pages:       314
RRP:          $32.95


The demise of free thought in Australia
by Melinda Richards

The book that gives you permission to have an opinion again. Permission to start talking about things you didn’t think you could talk about anymore. If you wish to learn how to regain the freedom of speech and remove your fear about speaking out then this book will help you to realise this dream.

The purpose of “You Can’t Say That!” is to encourage discussion and debate in the current and stifling politically correct environment that has overcome all western societies, including Australia. To provide a platform for centre right conservative voices in their fight against the curbing of "Group Think" and freedom of speech. This book is designed to give a voice back to those conservatives who currently feel intimidated or threatened when voicing their concerns about the many key societal trends that continue to erode our free and open society for future generations to come.

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