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This book is a political opinion piece to bring back the balance to societal debate.  It encourages the re-ignition of real freedom of speech, and everything that stands for. ‘You Can't Say That’ aims to reinforce the need for a fair and just society for everyone, not just those who classify themselves as victims based on their identity. It supports the desire to restore the balance to our debates, social discourse and policy settings, as well as push back against the inequity and hypocrisy of identity politics.


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Melinda Richards is an Australian business owner, social commentator and now author of her first book, ‘You Can’t Say That’.  A graduate from the University of Queensland with a career spanning 30 plus years, she has worked in a variety of roles in the UK, USA and Australia.  This includes working for ASX listed companies in logistics, shipping & property development, government owned corporations as well as having worked in both State and Local Government.  She now runs her own group with interests in real estate, service industry and the agricultural sector.

Melinda is a sought-after public speaker who captivates audiences with her push back on the current ‘woke’ narrative sweeping society, cancel culture and censorship.  She is a self-proclaimed freedom fighter and libertarian.


She resides on the Gold Coast, Australia with her family including her dog, Molly.

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