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Hating Men does not Address Domestic Violence

The bodies of the 6 people killed in the Bondi Junction Westfield massacre had not been cold a week when the supercilious, empty-headed Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, served up his latest dish of lecturing men in general about their overall behaviour. Thank you, “Albo”, for pretending to be the father of the people and dishing out completely inappropriate and unwanted advice, and for believing that feeding the fire of vilification and hate towards men in general, will in any way assist with Australia’s soaring mental health issues.

Given the state of Australia right now - lurching from one crisis to the next - it is a shame that Anthony sees himself as somewhat of a morally superior “father of the people”.  So willing to come out and lecture the population about what is right and wrong. Well, I think we already know, and I would say that the Prime Minister needs to get back to the business of performing the job of a Prime Minister, which means aligning closely with what that job description entails and not treating the populace like children.

Male bashing in Australia is not a new thing. When I was writing about it in my book, “You Can't Say That”, I realised that it goes back a couple of decades – albeit it did start out slowly. That’s the thing with trends and nuances happening around you. Many times, you cannot see subtle changes, or you simply overlook them until they accumulate and start to get out of hand years down the track.

Adding to the vilification of men overall by the Prime Minister was his appearance at a recent demonstration protesting about increasing violence against women. His appearance fell flat not just because of his empty platitudes, but because as the event organiser became clearly distressed, Anthony had no idea what to do.   As one would expect from a person who talks from a politician’s perspective (saying what he thinks people want to hear) and not from the heart, Anthony continues to display a shallowness of character which simply contributes to an even greater chasm between the elitist political classes and the rest of the population. Not all of us believe all men are bad.

Domestic Violence is a symptom of a diseased society:

  • Broken family court and justice system

  • Housing crisis

  • Deteriorating family values

  • High welfare

  • Increasing lack of discipline and consequences amongst young people

  • Health care crisis

  • Identity and gender politics driving a wedge between men and women.

Address these core problems with the patient, and the symptoms will soon disappear. If we want to attempt to fix the problem, maybe we need to treat the patient with some holistic care. We also need to throw “man-hating” out the window and recognise that this is short-sighted. Domestic Violence is committed by both men and women. (Only last week a man I know was stabbed in the chest by his wife. He narrowly missed dying, was patched up, but did not want it reported to the police).

Hating a certain section of society which makes up half of our population does nothing to improve the number of victims of Domestic Violence and violence towards women in general.

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I agree with you on the male bashing, Melinda, and another concern is what is this a cover for? You can bet that every time ANY politician ignites an easily flammable issue, there's something else going on behind the circus tent. I wonder what it is this time - CBDC?

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