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Why Wokeism is Waning

It’s been a tough start to 2024 for the woke crowd. Woolworths, Cricket Australia and Rip Curl all felt the immediate impact of a substantial pushback from the used-to-be “silent majority” who decided they had had enough of the elitists and their fake virtuous stance against Australia Day, and in the case of Rip Curl - embracing men competing in women’s sports, and promoting it’s women’s clothing range using a Trans woman (who looked more masculine than my brother), further marginalising real women and their basic human rights.

Woolworths and Cricket Australia are two standout organisations that took it upon themselves to presume most Australians are ashamed of their colonial past, ashamed of their country’s flag and were willing to demonstrate this by boycotting Australia Day.

They were wrong, and as it turns out, the impact on their bottom line and attendance at matches was immediate.

Even amongst all the backpaddling, lies and continuous bullying by the dedicated “wokies” on social media towards those who stood up and said they were proud to be an Aussie, these companies have emerged with their reputations in tatters.

The damage that has been done, however, apart from further dividing the country between woke elitists and the rest of the population, is that the Australian flag has now morphed into representing something different than when I was growing up 30-40 years ago.

The Australian flag now more than ever, symbolises a greater stance on freedom, individual rights and fairness based on the content of character, hard work and ability. Those who fly it are repelled by identity politics which obsesses over skin colour, gender or sexual preferences. It is now being flown by those who understand the history of Australia – good and bad – and the kind of value system that needs to be maintained to cement our status as the most successful and tolerant multicultural country in the world.

The surprising aspect about these large multinational companies is their failure to “read the room” and how they seem blind to their role in fuelling the current culture wars.

One of the key milestones of this current battle for the retention of freedom of expression and freedom of speech against the perpetually offended woke-minded elitist, culminated in the referendum in 2023 which proposed a race-based change to the constitution. It was supposed to be a slam dunk. The politicians living in their pretend virtuous bubbles, next to their elitist pals, were like walking platitudes on steroids.

But it fell apart. In my view, the resounding “NO” vote to this change represented much more than a pushback by Australians to a disastrous racial bias embedded into our society: it was a vote against the extreme work narrative that has infested all corners of our public discourse and institutions.

People said NO to men in women’s spaces, NO to the sexualisation of young children, NO to the indoctrination of children and teenagers in school with racial dialogues and identity politics, NO to universities continuing to brainwash students, NO to pronouns, Trans-activism and gender confusion, NO to gender politics and quotas, NO to elitist virtue signalling and hypocrisy, NO to the climate emergency sham, NO to cultural shaming of white people and NO to the continued re-writing of history with the intent of tearing down the core values of western civilisation.

Wokeism is waning. All the signs are there. Let’s ensure the momentum keeps building.

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