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It's OK to say "Merry Christmas"

Updated: Jan 4

As if on cue, the woke minders start coming out in December to tell everyone they won’t be wishing people a “Merry Christmas”. To such an extent now that people are (unbelievably) openly debating it now, and some even asking the question on how they send out their Christmas wishes.

Is it really offensive to wish someone, anyone, no matter their religious outlook a “Merry Christmas”?

Of course not.

I’m not sure how the politically correct censors managed to grab a hold of a traditional Christmas greeting, but given how much it is debated now, it too seems to have fallen to the nit-picking, permanently offended, self-righteous PC police who have nothing better to do than to advise the population on how to speak, how to think and what’s new on the list of potential “offences” they could unwittingly commit.

The most likely explanation comes from the newly formed, deep-seated hatred for anything that stems from a traditional white Christian custom, which the “wokies” need to find a reason to erase because it is offensive to their esteemed “inclusive” narrative, (which now excludes anything a white person is associated with).

Christmas is but once a year, and honestly most people are indeed NOT offended by the words “Merry Christmas” except the loudest and noisiest minority voices screaming into the wind telling us we should be. Add Christmas to the list of things that we must be reprimanded on: such as the date of Australia Day remaining as the 26th of January, or bowing our heads in memorial on ANZAC Day. When you observe a person – particularly on social media – telling you how they will block anyone that wishes them a “Merry Christmas” it is best to ignore them and continue to let everyone know that these shallow observers of the new “woke” tradition of hating everything, will never have any impact on anyone but themselves.

Having said that, it is with a grateful heart I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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