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The New Religion of Transgenderism

Updated: Jan 4

On October 4th, 2023, the BBC posted a video of the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, making a speech. Part of the speech were the words: “A man is a man and a woman is a woman”.

Imagine travelling back in time – say 30 years – and showing people this video whilst attempting to explain why a leader of a key western country in the 21st century feels the need to stand on the world stage and make this statement.

How has this happened? That the most basic of facts, one of the first things that we teach our children, is now an ideological position that needs to be debated, reinforced, and defended? The simple answer is that the transgender movement has been extremely successful in using identity politics, bullying, and shaming to override common sense and logic and recruit mostly vulnerable people to join what I believe has now become a new religion, successfully marketing themselves as a group who deserves extra special attention and worship in our society.

They have linked themselves to the homosexual community, created their own flag, their own month, and infiltrated schools, universities, and other institutions to grow their numbers. And they have been successful in doing this. Transgenderism has gone from fringe to mainstream in a matter of a few years.

Women have found themselves having to fight for basic human rights of privacy from men now going into women’s spaces such as public bathrooms, change rooms, and locker rooms. Men have infiltrated women’s sports and beauty pageants, churches are being re-decorated, and many transgender men have become openly hostile on TikTok as they display their clear hatred and disdain for real women. Vulnerable teenagers have been targeted and horrifically mutilated in the name of “transitioning” and those younger are given puberty blockers forever ruining their lives.

In many ways, it’s our own fault. The transgender movement has taken full advantage of the tolerance of Western culture. Many people are now afraid of being called “transphobic” or being abused because they “misgender” someone or use the wrong “pronouns” – which is preposterous. A clear tactic of running roughshot over a clearly tolerant society is to bully and shame others for not being “inclusive” or “tolerant” when they don’t buy into the doctrines of the new transgender religion. This is particularly true when it comes to the grooming, sexualising, indoctrinating, and mutilating of vulnerable children and teenagers, which most people are against.

Transgenderism is yours for the taking if you want it. But if you don’t, it’s hard to say that you openly don’t buy into the cult. Looking at the core values of transgenderism, they are different from core western values. Transgenderism’s values are based on narcissism, identity politics, victimhood, intolerance, fear, attention- seeking and selfishness, whereas western culture overall has seen these attributes as elements of the human condition that can hold people back, constraining the opportunity for success.

The western values that used to be overtly celebrated need to rise to the surface again to counter the rising strength of the transgender movement and provide some balance. These include respect, discipline, kindness, tolerance, truth, fearlessness, and the protection of our children. Fundamental to this is also the celebration and equal contribution of both the masculine and the feminine. Western civilisation is faltering because we have collectively forgotten how to have the courage of our convictions and stand on principles based on facts and truth. The Transgender religion is merely a symptom of us taking our eye off the ball and not having the courage to speak out.

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