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Why “Woke” won't work in the end

Updated: Jan 4

The wave of wokeism circulating around western society seems to be gaining more momentum – not less. The religion of “woke” has its foundations in identity politics, narcissism, selfishness, and entitlement. It garners support from celebrities who heartily embrace the high-level mantras of “tolerance” and “inclusion”, complementing and encouraging those who are clearly mentally unstable, or on the fringe of society ready for a fight, as “stunning and brave”.

I believe that “wokeism” is poison and here’s why.

When you encourage and indoctrinate vulnerable people to focus on identity politics – in other words on skin colour, gender, race, and sexuality – you are feeding what eventually becomes a narcissistic monster. If people hang their identity hats on these attributes alone, they are missing one crucial element that they will initially fail to understand: no one else cares.

I do not know one person – not a single one – who truly cares what skin colour you might have, what you do with your partner sexually behind closed doors, and what gender you think you are, or “identify as”. If you are a consenting adult, no one cares. Really.

What most people do care about is a person’s values and behaviours. Whether they give more than they receive in a societal sense, whether they are kind to their neighbours, and whether they are polite, hardworking, and an all-round decent human being.

When you anchor your identity on the “woke” identity politics narrative you will find out very quickly that people are not interested in whether you are a “she” or a “them”. You will not be able to get the long-term attention you crave from your fellow man, and you will be left isolated as the depth of your character bottoms out at the shallow end of the pool, because you have decided to hitch your personality wagon to your skin colour, gender, and pronouns.

When those around you are disinterested in your pronouns or victimhood associated with the colour of your skin, it is easy to become frustrated, angry, disenfranchised, and even hateful, and overall, you may start to take on a very grim view of the world. It is at this point that mental illness and depression will begin to manifest within already vulnerable minds. Some signs that those in this position are trying to reignite their personality to a more just and social existence is the easy attachment (without much thought) to big hairy globalist agendas being shoved down our throats - climate, Covid, Ukraine, etc, to show they really are a great person, and they will display the flags, badges, and emojis to prove it. Sadly though, even with all this virtue signalling, people still do not really care.

If you start ranting and crying into the camera on a TikTok account, locked in your car, to gain this much-needed attention and try to force people to care, you will still find little sympathy from the masses. Grow up. Be resilient. Get a job. Start looking outwardly not inwardly. Contribute. Study. Volunteer. Be nice. Maybe you can see what is happening in your local community and start to be a part of it, without seeking the attention you think you deserve just because of your skin colour, your sexuality, or the gender you choose to be that week.

In short, “Woke” is breeding victims and narcissists, and this is not where we want our society to land. It won’t work, because in the end, with little real substance, the woke crowd will end up eating their own as they fall into a sea of hypocrisy and self-centred diatribe, hating on anyone who disagrees with their narrow view of the world based on narratives awash in identity politics and not character content.

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